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Rambo Duo
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Rambo Duo

Horseware's Rambo Duo Turnout Blanket up to 5 in 1 blankets.

The BEST you can buy for your horse and easily washed at home too!

The Rambo Duo waterproof turnout blanket is hands down the best turnout you can buy for your horse. The Duo is 5, yes, up to 5 blankets in 1. Blanket #1 - The waterproof and breathable outer ballistic nylon shell has 100g of thermobonded fiberfill perfect for cool fall days. Blanket #2 - Included with the prepackaged Duo waterproof outer shell is the 300g detachable liner giving you a combined 400g weight blanket for the blustery cold. To exercise the options of having blankets 3, 4 and 5 simply purchase additional liners. Available liners are 100g, 200g, and 400g thermobonded fiberfill. This allows you to adjust your Duo from 100g to up to 500g of warmth. Keeping your horse turned out at the appropriate weight for the changing weather is easy. Horseware's Rambo Duo has our patented Leg Arches, Euro-Cut no slip design with belly surcingles and tail strap to keep this beautiful turnout in place. Three belly surcingles allow extra depth of the blanket to contour to your horse's shape and provide extra coverage under the belly. Horseware's patented Leg Arches allow freedom of forward motion as it prevents extra fabric from gathering around your horse's legs as he moves.

Price: $590.00
Blanket Size: